Test your CRM sync Integration

Once your sync integration is set up, all that is left is to test it.
Testing can be done with the Facebook "Lead Ads Testing Tool", Which allows you to a lead from your FB personal account.

The testing may be used in two ways:
1, Click on "Create lead" button and Facebook will push your personal contact details.
2. Click on "Preview form" and enter any mail address and details you like.

Since your email address is most likely in your CRM database to begin with, We recommend using the second option -which is to use an email address and details that are not
already in your CRM database.

Keep in mind that Facebook allows only ONE LEAD per account. This means you can subscribe through the same Lead Ads form only one time. The way to go around this is to
click on the “Delete Lead” button and delete the contact in your Facebook servers (not in your CRM), and then do more tests with the same account.

Test your Sync now

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Test your CRM sync Integration

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